Readers ask: Do Wisp Resort Lift Tickets Include Equipment?

Does wisp have night skiing?

Night Skiing – Over 90% of skiable terrain is lit for night skiing & riding Tuesday thru Saturday and select premium days. 90% of all skiable terrain is equipped for snowmaking.

Are wisp tickets refundable?

Yes, we will refund any day ticket purchased for a day after the closing date. We will process these automatically.

Does wisp have a military discount?

We are honoring our Nation’s Heroes with savings up to 25% off lift tickets, rentals, lessons, snow tubing, mountain coaster and ice skating. Plus, Military can stay at the recently renovated slop-side Lodge at Wisp for just $89 per night. Must show military ID to receive offer.

Is wisp good for beginners?

With a lesson, or two, and a little practice, skiers can often be enjoying the green circle (beginner) trails within their first day at the resort. However, mastery of skiing often requires many lessons and time on the slopes. Wisp Resort offers all-inclusive packages for beginners.

How many trails does wisp have?

Wisp Resort has a total of 34 slopes and trails.

Is Wisp ski resort open?

Open for the Winter 20.21 Season! It’s official – we’re open! Grab your skis, or board, and head over to Wisp to enjoy the fresh mountain air. Carve up the slopes, tryout some new tricks at Central Park Terrain Park, or Snow Tube your way down the mountain.

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How do I cancel a wisp order?

If you no longer want part of your subscription, no worries! Just click ‘cancel’ in your account for that medication and give us a brief explanation as to why so we can complete it on our end for you.

Is Deep Creek Lake open?

Deep Creek Lake is open for boating, water sports, swimming and fishing. Retail businesses are operating at 100% capacity, however, but masking, physical distancing and other safety protocols remain in place for all indoor business and establishments.

What is a wisp?

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