Readers ask: Do Not Resort To Spells?

What does the phrase resort to mean?

: to do or use (something) especially because no other choices are possible He had to resort to asking his parents for money.

How to use resort in a sentence?

move, travel, or proceed toward some place.

  1. One has sometimes to resort to these little devices.
  2. Chance had thrown us together at a skiing resort.
  3. The resort provides accommodation to suit every pocket.
  4. Lagoon Reef is one of the best resort hotels.
  5. The resort offers endless possibilities for entertainment.

What is resort in simple words?

1a: one that affords aid or refuge: resource went to them as a last resort. b: recourse sense 1a have resort to outside help. 2a: frequent, habitual, or general visiting a place of popular resort. b: persons who frequent a place: throng. c(1): a frequently visited place: haunt.

Has resorted to?

1. To turn to or make use of a person, strategy, or course of action for help or as a means of achieving something: The government resorted to censorship of the press. 2. To go, especially customarily or frequently; repair: “The whale-bone whales can at last resort to their Polar citadels” (Herman Melville).

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What makes a resort a resort?

What is a Resort? A resort is a self-contained destination that can provide for all of your travel needs in one location. You can find food, drinks, entertainment, shopping, and other activities all without needing to leave the property.

What does resort mean in fashion?

In the fashion industry, resort season (also known as the cruise, holiday, pre-spring, or travel collections) refers to a mid-season or pre-season line that is an added segment to the traditional design calendar.

What is an example of resort?

An example of resort is to turn to stealing to supply one’s family with food. The definition of a resort is a vacation place, often with food and entertainment. An example of resort would be any of the Great Wolf Lodge water park resorts.

What is the difference between a hotel and a resort?

Hotels’ primary purpose is to provide comfortable lodging. A resort is more like a self-contained development that can be a destination in its own right. Most travel needs such as dining, entertainment, shopping, local transportation, and more can be found within the resort’s establishment.

What is a residential resort?

resort residential means any area of land used primarily for the accommodation of tourists and which may also be used for normal residential use; Sample 1.

What is the meaning of tourist resort?

tourist resort means a tourist establishment catering to the vacationing public, designed as a destination-oriented operation, providing meals and sleeping accommodations that may consist of lodge houses, guest rooms or cottages.

How do you use the word resort?

“There was no other choice, but to resort to war.” “The angry protestors resorted to violence.” “The police had to resort to force to remove the violent protestors.” “The neglected children resorted to a life of crime.”

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What are some characteristics of the word resort?

A resort (North American English) is a self-contained commercial establishment that tries to provide most of a vacationer’s wants, such as food, drink, lodging, sports, entertainment, and shopping, on the premises.

What does to fall back on mean?

(fall back on something) to use or do something else after other things have failed. She always has her teaching experience to fall back on. Synonyms and related words.

Does resort mean option?

to have recourse for use, help, or accomplishing something, often as a final available option or resource: to resort to war.

What is meaning of resort in law?

resort noun (ACTION) [ U ] the fact that you have to do something because there is no other way of achieving something: He got hold of the money legally, without resort to violence.

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