Readers ask: Do I Need A Sweater At Turtle Bay Resort?

What do you wear to Turtle Bay?

Smart tailored shorts, trousers, slacks, short-sleeve shirts, polo shirts, skirts, dresses, shoes or sandals are accepted in the Blue Turtle, the main restaurant and pizza garden for dinner. Shorts are not accepted in the Blue Turtle in the evening.

Is food included at Turtle Bay Resort?

Costs only include room and snorkel equipment. For the upgraded rooms (higher floors) some include a breakfast. liquor and food in their restaurants are excluded as are most activities.

Can you visit Turtle Bay Resort for the day?

Re: Can I visit turtle bay resort for day eat, sit on beach? You can dine anywhere there and swin and snorkel the bay next door. You cannot swin in the pool if you are not paying for a hotel room.

Does Turtle Bay have dress code?

Totally free to wear whatever you like.

Has Turtle Bay got a dress code?

Please note, we do ask that you don’t wear hoodies, hats or tracksuits when dining or drinking at Turtle Bay Birmingham.

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Can you swim at Turtle Bay Resort?

The swimming isn’t great at this beach due to currents and the beach rock that lines most of the near shore waters. Neighboring Bayview Beach is more popular for swimming as it is more protected and boasts a sandy bottom. The luxurious Turtle Bay Resort is located right next to this bay.

Is Turtle Bay a good place to stay?

Turtle Bay is a fraction of the cost, unless you stay in the cottages (which I would highly recommend). You won’t have a ton of places to choose from to dine. But the service is good, the hotel is clean and renovated, and it is absolutely gorgeous. I don’t know anyone who regrets staying there.

Can you go to Turtle Bay just for drinks?

Can I book for just drinks? Yes! We take drinks bookings all day, until late – choose “Just Drinks” or “Late Night Bar & Beats”!

Is Turtle Bay free?

There is no fee to park at Turtle Bay. There are designated beach parking spots, that is where you want to park.

What city is Turtle Bay Resort in?

Located on Oahu’s breathtaking North Shore known for legendary surf, the 850-acre Turtle Bay Resort offers 30 percent more space for adventure than all of Waikiki.

Is Turtle Bay Resort open now?

Turtle Bay Resort is open and we can’t wait to welcome you back while providing a safe environment and keeping our distance physically to ensure your trip to the North Shore is a safe one.

What is Turtle Bay known for?

Turtle Bay (view panorama) marks the entrance to the legendary North Shore, one of the most scenic stretches of Oahu’s coastline. Most people come to Turtle Bay for surfing, diving and fishing. There is a reef in the nearshore waters, and beyond this reef is where the surfing area begins.

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Can anyone go to Turtle Bay Resort?

Anyone can visit the beach, not just the resort guests and it is free. Kids played in the water and I was even able to go snorkeling, although there are better places to snorkel on the island (Shark’s Cove and Hanauma Bay). Nice place to relax and swim and great for families.

How long does it take to drive from Honolulu to Turtle Bay?

Yes, the driving distance between Honolulu to Turtle Bay Resort is 39 miles. It takes approximately 1h 1m to drive from Honolulu to Turtle Bay Resort.

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