Readers ask: Did Brian Head Resort Get Damaged By Fire?

Are there any fires near Brian Head Utah?

But it wasn’t enough. Within five minutes, the flames had grown out of control and started what was dubbed the Brian Head Fire, a June 2017 blaze that torched 13 homes and forced about 1,500 people to evacuate across Iron and Garfield counties. It took a month to extinguish and cost about $34 million to fight.

How many acres did the Brian Head Fire burn?

The fire burned more than 71,000 acres in Iron and Garfield Counties, destroyed more than 20 structures and forced hundreds to evacuate.

Where is the Brian Head fire?

The Brian Head fire started on June 17, 2017. It burned over 100 square miles in Iron and Garfield counties.

Is there a fire near Panguitch Utah?

PANGUITCH LAKE, Utah. Fire crews are working hard to suppress the Horse Valley Fire near Panguitch Lake. It is approximately 25% contained.

Why is it so smoky in Ogden Utah?

There are several controlled burn permits out today in the southern Box Elder County area, according to dispatchers. Utah I search smoke in Ogden and this came up. It is when the winds come from the west coast with the winds come the smoke from all of the forest fires in the North west.

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Why is there smoke in Utah?

The smoke currently plaguing Utah is from fires in California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. “There’s been a very large number of very large wildfires across the West,” he said. “So there’s just an incredible amount of smoke swirling around.”

Where is the smoke in southern Utah coming from?

With all the rain, the Parleys Canyon Fire has largely been doused. It’s 80% contained and still at 541 acres; the Morgan Canyon Fire is 90% contained at 509 acres; and the East Desolation Fire is 50% contained at 350 acres. The smoke that’s choking Utah’s air is coming mainly from northern California.

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