Quick Answer: Can I Cancel My Reservation Online For Kalahiri Resort?

How do I cancel my Kalahari reservation?

This can be done via email or by each calling Reservations at 877-525-2427 (please be sure to have your confirmation number available).

Has anyone ever died at Kalahari?

A 25-year-old Virginia man who died after falling off a balcony at Kalahari Resort and Convention Center has been identified. The Erie County Coroner told WKYC the Virginia man, now identified as Derek Vancleave, has a history of traumatic brain injury which previously caused him to have erratic movements.

Do you have to stay at Kalahari to use waterpark?

Yes. You do not have to stay at the resort to use the water park. If you wish to visit the water park without a resort reservation, you can purchase a day pass for $49.

Can you bring your own food to Kalahari resort?

Bring your own food Kalahari Resorts is fantastic with dietary restrictions and allergies, but also allows outside food and drink to be brought to the resort (you can’t bring it into the waterpark area).

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Can you bring alcohol to Kalahari?

You can bring your own beverages just can’t take it into water park. NO all inclusive at the Kalahari with drinks. Drinks are pricey. You can bring your own drinks into your room but NOT the pool areas.

Can you go to Kalahari without staying?

9 answers. Yes, day passes are available, but resort guests get their water park passes first. Basically, if the resort is not full, day passes become available. If the resort is full, day passes will not be sold for that day.

Can you wear a shirt at Kalahari?

over a year ago. Yes, you can wear clothing over the top of swimwear. I didn’t notice anyone wearing shorts in the water, but there were lots of people with tank tops and tee shirts over their swimsuits. over a year ago.

How much does Kalahari cost per person?

The Resort Fee is a mandatory daily fee of $39.99 + tax to cover the costs associated with providing the highest level of amenities for our guests. Included in this fee are: Included waterpark access during your stay. High-speed wireless internet access in guest rooms, public space and convention center.

Does Kalahari discount AAA?

5 answers. Yes they do, when my wife and I went we used our AAA discount to buy a package deal. You can also go through AAA itself and see what kind of packages they are currently offering.

Is one night enough at Kalahari?

one night is fine. check in early, even if your room isn’t ready you can go to the water park. eventually ck in your room and the next morning you can ck out and stay at the water park all day if you want. so you get two days of water park for price of one night.

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What age is free at Kalahari?

Children under 2 years old get in for free. The Kalahari website can be accessed at any public library, it’s very user friendly and printing a receipt of your purchase and taking that receipt with you will allow you entry with a valid identification.

What should I wear to Kalahari Resort?

If you need to bring your own, try a lightweight microfiber travel towel or microfiber beach towel, or easy-to-pack towel tablets. 8 – Sun Protection Clothing – For an outdoor water park, you’ll want to bring rash guards, sun hats or visors, and a cover-up.

Can you smoke at Kalahari?

Smoking is not permitted in any enclosed public areas, including guest rooms and suites. Kalahari Resorts and its team members reserve the right to enter your room, even when this sign is displayed, for maintenance, safety, security or any other purpose.

How much is a water park pass at Kalahari?

Waterpark admission begins at $69 depending on date(s) selected. Best pricing is available when admission passes are purchased online. Both all day and evening passes are available. Peak time & Weekend day passes are limited and strongly encouraged to be purchased online prior to arrival as availability is limited.

Does Kalahari have continental breakfast?

There is food available for breakfast but it isn’t free. They have amazing baked goods! The water park is included if you are a guest.

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