Question: Does Atlantis Charge To Enter Resort?

Do you have to pay to enter Atlantis?

Atlantis is not an all-inclusive Resort; we are a full service Resort. As our guest, you have full access to all Atlantis water park features at no additional cost.

Can you tour Atlantis Resort free?

Atlantis for FREE! It was our first time over to Paradise Island (we’ve been to Nassau 3 times). Without paying the heavily overpriced excursions to Atlantis, I think we made out pretty good. Atlantis has a lot to offer, even if you have not paid.

How much does it cost to get into Atlantis?

Book a room in one of Atlantis’ several offerings without the frills of an all-inclusive deal. A daily $49.95 resort fee applies to these bookings, which includes Wi-Fi, fitness center access, the Aquaventure water park, unlimited movie theater access, resort shuttle service and in-room coffee and tea.

How can I stay at Atlantis for free?

Steps to Booking Free Atlantis Stay

  1. Verify you have Caesars Diamond Status.
  2. Call Casino Services at 1-800-752-9711 to check availability.
  3. Provide Name, Caesars Rewards Number, and Date of Birth.
  4. Provide Credit Card to Hold the Reservation.
  5. A Reservation Confirmation Should be Received via Email.
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Is staying at Atlantis worth it?

Not worth an entire stay at Atlantis. One positive thing I will say about my review of Atlantis is that beaches are amazing. We went to several beaches, both public and resort, while in the Bahamas and the Cove beach was particularly the best. The kids actually preferred this beach over any pool at Atlantis.

Has anyone died at Atlantis Bahamas?

THE five-year-old Canadian girl who was involved in an accident at the Atlantis resort water park has died. In August 2000, a 12-year-old boy died after he was sucked into a drain while snorkeling with his brother in the resort’s lagoon.

Is Blue Lagoon Island free?

All guests that participate in a Dolphin Encounter interactive marine mammal program receive FREE access to our private lagoon beach and facilities. Enjoy the seclusion and natural beauty of Blue Lagoon Island for the day. Water sports, lunch and drinks from our beach bar are available at an additional charge.

Is Dolphin Cay free for Atlantis guests?

Exit the Spa and pass the fitness center to Dolphin Cay. er is complimentary to all Atlantis guests; they do not need to purchase an interaction to Atlantis guests can proceeds from purchases benefits the Kerzner marine Foundation.

Can you bring your own alcohol to Atlantis Bahamas?

7. Bring Your Own Alcohol. You can bring alcohol from home or purchase some in the Bahamas; there’s a rum shop and an island grocery store in a shopping center near the harbor village.

What is the cheapest time to go to Atlantis Bahamas?

If you need to plan the trip far in advance, purchase a flight Tuesday through Thursday for some of the lowest rates of the week. Monitor the Atlantis Resort’s website for package deals the resort uses to attract guests in the low season.

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Is Atlantis owned by Marriott?

Atlantis, Paradise Island — the 3,400-room Bahamas resort with a water park, shark lagoon and pseudo-archeological “dig” — will become part of the extended Marriott International family. Then, the property still belonged to Kerzner International, which opened Atlantis in 1998.

How many points is Atlantis?

The Cove at Atlantis is a Category 8 property in Marriott Bonvoy, which means a redemption night goes for 65,000 to 100,000 points per night. The other Marriott properties in the complex include: The Royal at Atlantis (Category 7), with redemption costs of 45,000 to 70,000 points per night.

How long is the flight to Atlantis Bahamas?

Atlantis is a short flight from the Eastern seaboard of the U.S., with most flights being less than three hours.

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