Question: Can You Upgrade Your Resort Interval International?

How much does it cost to exchange with Interval International?

How it Works: Exchanging with Interval International. In addition to your membership fee, regardless of level, you must pay an exchange fee of $189 per week. Members using to book their exchange are eligible for a $10 discount.

How do Interval International exchanges work?

How Does Interval International Work? Timeshare owners have the option to exchange their vacations through networks like Interval International. Vacation exchange is simple. You trade the timeshare you own (whether owned in weeks or points) for a different one.

Can I join Interval International without owning a timeshare?

Can I Join Without A Timeshare? In order to use II or RCI exchange, you do have to own a timeshare. After you own a timeshare, whether weeks or points-based, you have the option to join II.

How much is Interval Platinum membership?

The annual upgrade fee for an Interval Platinum status membership is $139. With the basic membership fee, your Interval Platinum membership costs $228. You can also save money when you purchase a multi-year Platinum membership.

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Which is better RCI or Interval International?

Interval had 5 times the availability, but RCI was 40% cheaper. On the other hand, if you’ve got schedule flexibility, then RCI has a much better price. If you have dual exchange affiliations like we do, it’s definitely worth doing some comparison shopping!

How do I exchange weeks with Interval International?

It’s easy, and you don’t have to deposit a week before you start your search. On the vacation exchange page, just select where and when you’d like to travel and click continue. Select the previously deposited week or available week you’d like to use for your exchange.

What is the cancellation policy for Interval International?

If you need to cancel an exchange, you must do so within 24 hours of confirmation to receive a fee and points refund. For more information on timeframes associated with deposits and cancellations, see the charts at right. TURN THE PAGE FOR YOUR ONLINE GUIDE TO CLUB INTERVAL EXCHANGES.

How far out can you book Interval International?

Interval International generally allows you to search 12 months in advance. You can search for available weeks 12 months from the date of search. You can also put in a Request First or Deposit First search 12 months in advance of the desired travel dates.

Can I use RCI without owning a timeshare?

I confirmed with RCI that anyone can have an RCI account even if you do not own a timeshare! There are many benefits to depositing a timeshare but having an RCI account will allow you access to RCI Extra Vacations. ​In order to Join RCI, the initial cost for a one year membership is $99.

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Who owns interval world?

While they both use something similar to determine “trading power”, the material difference between Interval International and RCI is that RCI is vastly more restrictive in that there system uses a point system between approximately 1-35 where if you deposit a week that has exchange trading power of 10, you almost

How much is a guest certificate for Interval International?

GUEST CERTIFICATES: The current fee for a guest certificate is $59 but is free for Platinum members. It is one perk of being a Platinum member that could justify the upgrade fee. Guest certificates can also be used for Interval Getaways.

How do interval certificates work?

Bonus Weeks are special giveaways from Interval International that give you an an extra week of vacation in addition to any timeshare exchanges you do through II. When you qualify for the bonus, you get a Bonus Certificate (also called an Accommodation Certificate or AC for short) that you use to book the extra week.

How does Interval International E plus work?

dates up to three times for a low, one-time fee. Purchase E-Plus® when you place your exchange request, up until five days after receiving your confirmation. exchange into two seven-day vacations, without giving up another week or any additional points. For a low fee, travel with confidence knowing you’re protected.

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