Question: Can You Get To 4th Floor In Whitespring Resort?

How do you unlock the door in Whitespring?

Go back to the main room and use the Congressional access card on the mag-locked door in the North-East end. Using the card opens the door, but triggers a PA announcement. The mysterious voice will commend you for discovering Sam Blackwell and his key-card then making the decision to come to Whitespring.

How do I get to Whitespring resort?

At first, the player character can only access it through the bunker entrance on the world map. Once they are a member of the Enclave, they can enter the bunker through either the resort, via a secret entrance in the southeastern waiting near the governors’ hall, or by using the Whitespring service entrance.

Where are the Whitespring vendors?

The Whitespring Station vendor is a Protectron operating at the Whitespring Station in Appalachia.

Where is the general manager’s office Whitesprings?

First floor. When walking in the front entrance, going down the stairs will lead to the lower lobby. Walking forward will lead to the general manager’s office. To the left of the lower lobby are the security station, concierge, and registration.

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How do I start the enclave missions?

Head to the southern part of The Mire region of Appalachia. On the eastern side of the river, north of Tangara Town and east of the Southern Belle Motel, is the vaguely named Abandoned Waste Dump. This is where your Enclave journey will begin. Before you enter, make sure you’re prepared to fight two Deathclaws.

How do I complete I am death?

Launching a Nuke If you fail to collect all 8 code pieces before a week, you will have to re-collect any codes that have expired. When you collect all the necessary pieces and launch the nuke, you will complete the quest I am Become Death and finish the Enclave story line.

Where is the modus Armory terminal?

The MODUS armory terminal is one out of four trading terminals run by MODUS operating in The Whitespring bunker.

What is the code for bunker buster?

The Access Code that you will need to enter into the keypad is 021584. This will then trigger the noise in one of the paintings in the room, and give you the “Welcome to Whitespring” Holotape.

Is there a stash box in the Whitespring bunker?

The Stash Box is located just outside the Whitespring Station located in Savage Divide Zone B.

Where is Sam Blackwell’s bunker?

Find Sam Blackwell’s bunker. Find “Sam Blackwell’s Bunker,” on the east side of the map (in the “Abandoned Waste Dump”). The dump can be found east of Route 65 in the Mire. After reaching the elevator to the bunker, interact with the control panel.

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Where is the key card for Whitespring bunker?

An access keycard can be obtained from Sam Blackwell’s bunker as part of Bunker Buster. See the article for details. Without the access card, the player can only enter the outermost room.

Is there a vendor in Morgantown?

Morgantown Station – The station is at the northwestern edge of Morgantown. The vendor can be found inside the station. Lewisburg Station – As with many of these stations, this is on the south side of town. The vender can be found inside.

Where is the Grafton vendor located?

Grafton. One Vendor is located within the town of Grafton, Northeast of Vault 76.

Where is the best place to sell items fallout 76?

The best place to find vendors, much like extra Stash boxes, is at train stations, which dot the West Virginia landscape fairly regularly. There’s one outside of Morgantown Airport, for example, giving you early access to a vendor by which to sell spare items.

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