Often asked: Do You Get A Magivband With A Resort Reservation?

Are MagicBands free for resort guest?

MagicBands & Cards – Frequently Asked Questions A. Complimentary MagicBands are available to Walt Disney World Annual Passholders. Guests can purchase a MagicBand: online at shopDisney.

Do you get MagicBands if you stay offsite?

If you are staying off site, you can purchase your Magic Bands ( and their accessories) in most of The Walt Disney World Resort Park & Resort gift shops, most of the Disney Pin Trading Centers, have someone purchase them for you in advance, or even purchase some of them online from The Disney Store!

Do you get MagicBands if you book through Expedia?

we booked our airfare and Disney resort hotel through expedia. You’ll need to go to your My Disney Experience account (or create one if you haven’t already) and link your resort reservation number to your account. Then you should be able to customize and order your MagicBands.

Are MagicBands worth it for one day?

The short answer is, “No.” You do not NEED a MagicBand. Without a MagicBand, you will simply use your RFID-enabled ticket card for all of the functions a MagicBand will otherwise do. You do not need MagicBands in order to make and redeem FastPass+ reservations.

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Is Disney still offering MagicBands?

Though Disney World discontinued free MagicBands, they are still offering a wide variety of designs and colors. New MagicBands can be purchased on shopDisney.com here.

What do you do if you don’t have a MagicBand?

Don’t Use a MagicBand Everything you need is on the My Disney Experience app. You can do so much with just the app! You can open your hotel room door, mobile order from dining locations, make dining reservations, and even join virtual queues just to name a few. A MagicBand is fun to have but not necessary.

Do MagicBands expire?

The bands are reusable, but their shelf life is finite. (Disney estimates that they’ll last for two years.)

How do I know if my MagicBand is linked?

When you check in to your Walt Disney World Resort Hotel, the front desk will confirm that you have indeed linked your MagicBand with a credit card as well as confirming a 4-digit pin number that you will enter anytime you’d like to use your MagicBand for payment.

How do I know if my MagicBand battery is working?

You can always check on your MagicBand battery at the front desk of your Disney Resort hotel, at Will Call or a Guest Relations location at any of the theme parks. I know that it has been said that the batteries only last about two years, but I have some bands that my family has used for years!

Does everyone need a MagicBand?

All modern park tickets are wallet-sized RFID-enabled cards that work at the park entrances and FastPass+ scanners. You do not need a MagicBand to get into the park or to use FastPass+. However, if you would like a MagicBand, you can purchase one from one of the many Walt Disney World gift shops or from shopdisney.com.

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Can you buy used MagicBands?

As long as a band is listed as active in your My Disney Experience account, it can be re-used. If you have an old band from a previous on-property stay but are staying off-property on your next Disney vacation, you can take advantage of the convenience of reuse at no additional cost.

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