Often asked: Can You Use Magicbands At Holiday Inn Disney Springs Resort?

Do MagicBands work at Disney Springs hotels?

When it comes to Walt Disney World, MagicBands work all over the resort. This includes the four theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom), the water parks (Blizzard Beach & Typhoon Lagoon), and Disney Springs. They also work in all Disney hotels, shops, and restaurants.

Can you use your MagicBand to pay at Disney Springs?

You can use your MagicBand to charge your dinner at restaurants throughout Walt Disney World Resort including Epcot and Disney Springs.

Can non Disney resort guests use magic bands?

Even if you are not staying at a Disney resort, you can – and should – purchase a MagicBand. MagicBands can be linked to your park tickets (purchased separately) through the My Disney Experience app.

Where can you buy magic bands at Disney Springs?

The six places to get MagicBands in Disney Springs are:

  • Disney Pin Traders.
  • World of Disney.
  • Marketplace Co-Op.
  • Star Wars Galactic Outpost.
  • Star Wars Trading Post.
  • NBA Store.
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How do I link my Disney Springs Hotel?

Simply call Disney’s Resort Hotel Reservation help like at (407) 939-1936 where a friendly Cast Member will be able to further assist you. Have fun planning and make sure you download the My Disney Experience mobile app before you arrive, so you are ready to dive in to the magic as soon as you get there.

Can someone else use my MagicBand 2020?

Can other people use my MagicBand or card? A. No. Your MagicBand or card is unique to you and only you are authorized to access the benefits associated with it —including linked tickets, touch-to-pay purchases and other entitlements.

Can I use my MagicBand to pay for food?

Guests staying at Disney Resort hotels can absolutely make charges at food carts using their MagicBand. Just tap on your app and go to “My Plans” then “Order Food.” You will be able to browse quick service menus for participating restaurants at all four theme parks!

Are MagicBands worth it for one day?

The short answer is, “No.” You do not NEED a MagicBand. Without a MagicBand, you will simply use your RFID-enabled ticket card for all of the functions a MagicBand will otherwise do. You do not need MagicBands in order to make and redeem FastPass+ reservations.

Is Disney getting rid of MagicBands?

This is the latest move in a shift away from using MagicBands that began with the announcement that the MagicMobile system was on the way. Walt Disney World has already ceased giving free Magicbands to those staying in Walt Disney World hotels.

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Do you get free MagicBands when you stay at a Disney resort?

While Magic Bands are still available at Disney World, they are no longer included for free with the cost of a resort stay. Increasingly, they aren’t even needed as your phone or Apple Watch can now do many of those same functions — and more — without having to wear a just-for-Disney wrist accessory.

Does everyone get MagicBands at Disney?

Magic Bands were provided to every guest staying at a Walt Disney World resort hotel at no additional charge through the end of 2020. Starting in 2021, guests can purchase a Magic Band if they want to use one during their stay.

How long do MagicBands last?

The bands are reusable, but their shelf life is finite. (Disney estimates that they’ll last for two years.) The tiny batteries housed in the bands are neither replaceable nor rechargeable, meaning that once they run out of juice, they’re toast.

What color MagicBands are free?

What color MagicBands are available? The current colors available for resort guest complimentary bands includes: purple, pink, green, red, orange, blue, gray, and yellow. If you end up not pre-ordering your MagicBands and getting them at your resort, then basic gray is your only option for a free band.

What do you do with the MagicBands after Disney?

Recycle Your MagicBand Simply pack with you on your next trip and hand them over to the front desk at your Disney Resort. They will recycle the MagicBands for you. Also remember to de-activate your MagicBand on My Disney Experience, this will remove the band from your profile.

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