Often asked: Can You Rent Only Skis At Resorts Wisp?

Are helmets required at Wisp?

Wear a hat, or better yet, a helmet on your head. Wear waterproof gloves or mittens and some companies even make heated ones! Keep your feet toasty and dry with proper socks. Whatever you do, loose the cotton socks.

What type of skis do resorts rent?

There’s is four main types of skis that you can hire at every ski shop: Beginner Skis. Intermediate Skis. Expert Skies.

How many trails does wisp have?

Wisp Resort has a total of 34 slopes and trails.

Is it worth it to rent demo skis?

The skis will typically be more responsive, and the boots offer greater support and adjustability. Demo Packages should be top-of-the-line equipment. Intermediate and expert skiers will benefit most from demos. Demo skis are a good way to sample the newest technology.

Can beginners use advanced skis?

Beginners usually ski on slightly shorter skis than advanced skiers. This is because shorter skis are easier to turn and control when travelling at slower speeds. This is necessary for beginner skiers in particular, who will likely be attempting less steep slopes while learning and improving their technique.

Are rental skis any good?

If you’re brand new, we highly recommend you rent ski equipment. Even if you’ve been skiing a few times, it’s probably better to rent. By renting, you can get familiar with the equipment and learn what you like or don’t like prior to actually making that large purchase.

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Why is wisp called the Wisp?

1943: Having spent time vacationing in Garrett County, the Heise family purchases a collection of summer cabins along the shore of Deep Creek Lake known as Will O‟ the Wisp. (The name is derived from a light seen over marshy areas at night.)

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