Often asked: Can Uber Go To Resorts Cabo San Lucas?

Is Uber allowed in Cabo?

Uber is not authorized to work anywhere in Los Cabos, and especially not in Federal Zones such as the airport, so you must scurry to get to them.

How do you get around Cabo San Lucas?

The best way to get around Cabo San Lucas is on foot or by car. Sites are clustered within the downtown area, though some vacationers opt for a ride on the scenic water taxi to get from the downtown marina to the best beaches.

How expensive are Ubers in Cabo?

Expect an UBER to cost approx $25 depending on where in San Jose you are to your destination in Cabo. you can get the Uber price right now, from any starting spot to any destination, Just open the app and enter where you are going to from where you are leaving.

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Are taxis expensive in Cabo?

Taxis. Most taxis in Cabo San Lucas and the area are large vans that can hold more than 10 passengers. Prices vary but are around 7 dollars a mile and fares between Cabo and San Jose will be around 35 to 40 dollars. Prices cover up to 4 passengers with a surcharge per passenger over this amount.

Why is uber illegal in Cabo?

The Ley de Movilidad (Mobility Law) has been a controversial topic in the Los Cabos region for a while now. The law aims to formally ban Uber and similar ridesharing apps in BCS for several reasons, including safety, protection for the taxi industry, and concerns for traffic.

Are taxis in Cabo safe?

The cabs are very safe. Best way to get around, especially at night. Once you’re in town you can walk from place to place very easily. They check ID at most places, good to have with you.

Do I need to bring pesos to Cabo?

While most places in Cabo will accept USD, it is almost always better to just pay with pesos. It’s confusing for many first-time Mexico visitors, but every store, restaurant, or bar can set their own rate of exchange.

How much is a taxi from Cabo San Lucas to airport?

A taxi from the airport to Cabo San Lucas will cost you a minimum of $85+ USD. If you’re traveling as a couple, that cost will be about double the price of a shared airport shuttle.

What is the best area to stay in Cabo San Lucas?

El Medano – Best Place to Stay in Los Cabos for your First Time. Playa El Medano is the beating heart of Cabo San Lucas. The beach stretching along the coast comes with peaceful sunbathing spots, epic water-sport providers and a 24/7 choice of restaurants and bars.

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Is Cabo San Lucas Safe?

It’s incredibly safe to travel to Cabo San Lucas since thousands of tourists visit every year. The southern region of Baja is the safest part of Mexico, even safer than the most tourist-rich cities in Mexico such as Cancun.

Do taxis take credit cards in Cabo?

They definitely take US dollars. Cabs seemed to charge between $25 and $30 to either Cabo San Lucas or San Jose. Different cabs seem to charge different rates for the same ride. You’ll spend less than what taxi fare would be.

Is Uber illegal in Mexico?

It is not illegal, they government just has not approved their license to operate. In other words, Uber drivers have to have a certain license to operate but its something made up by the local government (according to one of our Uber drivers).

How long does it take to get through Cabo airport?

Be Patient with Security Procedures For off-peak seasons, you can breeze through customs in as little time as fifteen minutes. Be prepared for a pat-down search and a screening of your carry-on luggage. Be sure not to bring any prohibited items that will make your customs stay longer than usual.

Do you need a car in Cabo?

For the most part, if you are staying in Cabo San Lucas, you won’t need a car. The exception would be if you have plans to travel to areas such as Todos Santos or La Paz. If this is the case, only rent a car for the actual days you need it or just kick back and relax and let a tour company drive you.

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How much is a water taxi in Cabo San Lucas?

You have to take a water taxi to get there, we found many options and many different prices. For $10 per person you can go on your own small boat around the Bay of Cabo and see everything, Lovers Beach, Divorce Beach, The Arch and the sea lion colony.

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