Often asked: Can I Live At Raffertys Resort?

When was Raffertys Resort built?

Since it opened in 1993, Rafferty’s has won an impressive array of accolades. Most notable was being declared “the best tourism development of the decade” in the 1999 NSW Tourism Awards – the same year it won “best conference venue in Australia”.

Where is rafferty’s?

Raffertys Resort is situated on the shores of beautiful Lake Macquarie, which is four times the size of Sydney Harbour. This self catering resort is nestled in the bush between the beach and the lake on a quiet bay of Cams Wharf – just 90 minutes north of Sydney.

Is Rafferty’s pet friendly?

Unfortunately, as Raffertys Resort is in a National Park, animals are strictly forbidden Conditions apply. Pet terms and conditions: Indoor dogs must be fully house trained, non shedding and have had flea prevention treatment in the last 7 days. Outdoor dogs must be trained, well behaved and not incessant barkers.

Who bought Raffertys resort?

Located at the vanguard of the deep waterfront’s very edge on popular Lake Macquarie Rafferty’s Resort has been sold to Sam Arnout’s property juggernaut, Iris Capital. HTL Property Directors Nic Simarro and Andrew Jolliffe were exclusively appointed to manage the sale of the property.

Who owns Rafferty’s Garden?

A classic Irish name from the Old Irish rath, meaning “prosperity”, the name is thought to mean “one who will prosper”. Jude Law and Sadie Frost have a son named Rafferty Jellicoe Frost Law.

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Is Rafferty’s garden healthy?

Rafferty’s Garden is all about baby food. Delicious, healthy, nutritious, natural food, that’s perfect for your growing little foodies. Their products are made in Australia and contain the freshest, premium ingredients. Just flavour-rich real pureed food your bub will love.

Who is Sam Arnaout?

Sam Arnaout. As the Chief Executive Officer of IRIS Capital, Sam Arnaout is responsible for determining strategic direction and overseeing the group’s diverse operations. Sam possesses an intimate understanding of the hotel industry obtained from over 20 years in hospitality business management.

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