FAQ: Does Dts Cover Resort Fees?

Are resort fees reimbursable?

Section 301-12.1 clarifies that energy surcharges and lodging resort fees (when not optional) are considered reimbursable as a miscellaneous travel expense.

Do I have to use DTS for lodging?

Yes No To use DoD or DoD Privatized Lodging, you must book outside DTS. 5 DoD Lodging (but not DoD Privatized Lodging) is required for Military members. DTS should not automatically limit the lodging reimbursement for any traveler, but may enter a lodging cost4.

How do I add lodging expenses in DTS?

– Lodging costs go on the Expenses > Per Diem Entitlements > Per Diem Entitlement Detail screen. This one’s pretty straightforward – enter your lodging cost in the Lodging field.

How do I add a hotel to my DTS voucher?

Open the DTS Home page at https://www.defensetravel.osd.mil.

  1. Select Log In. Read and Accept the DoD Privacy & Ethics Policy.
  2. Adjust vs. Amend.
  3. Receipts & Documents.
  4. You can attach a receipt to an expense a few ways.
  5. Attach Receipt using Expense Details.
  6. After adding an expense, select Details.
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Can you refuse resort fees?

1) Refuse to pay When you check in, if the hotel front desk clerk refuses to give you your key without paying an additional rate for the night (aka a ” resort fee “) refuse to pay. If the clerk is confused, ask for a manager. Tell the manager you already paid the published rate for the room and all necessary taxes.

How do you get a resort fee waived?

One of the easiest ways to avoid resort fees is by booking an award stay. Many hotels will waive the resort fees on stays booked with points. Hyatt and Hilton always waive resort fees when you book a room with points.

Can you bring your family on TDY?

As a spouse you can’t go on deployment with your spouse, it’s impossible and dangerous don’t do it. However, you can travel in conjunction with your spouse when they go on remote tours and most especially on a TDY. TDY’s can be as short as just a couple of days and as long as a couple of months.

What is flat rate per diem?

All current NSA lodging per diem rates will remain at FY 2021 levels. The standard lodging per diem rate will also remain unchanged at $96. The M&IE reimbursement rates were revised. The M&IE NSA tiers range from $59-$79, and the standard M&IE rate is $59.

Do DoD civilians have to stay on base?

– If you’re a DoD civilian employee, you’re only required to stay in available on-base quarters if your destination is a military installation at an Integrated Lodging Program pilot (ILPP) location (a list of those locations is here).

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How does DTS work?

DTS is an online system that automates temporary duty (TDY) travel. It allows active duty Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard members to create authorizations, book reservations, receive approval, generate payment vouchers, and direct payments to their bank accounts and Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC).

How do I cancel DTS authorization?

On the DTS Dashboard, select Options > Cancel Trip next to an authorization. The Cancel Trip message opens. Note: The link is not available if DTS detects any incurred expenses.

How do I change DTS authorization?

On the DTS Dashboard select Create Amendment under Options next to an authorization. 2. Enter comments about the amendment, then select Create Amendment and acknowledge all pop-ups. The Review Trip Authorization screen opens.

How do I attach receipts in DTS?

Upload receipts in to Substantiating Records. Select the Browse button, locate/select the receipts saved to the computer, then choose the Upload button. The next page of the instructions will provide a visual of what this will look like when the document has uploaded. CES students will have $0 in their lodging costs.

How do I change my reimbursement in DTS?

1. Under the DTS Dashboard, My Travel Documents section (Figure 1), select Options (Figure 1, Indicator 3), next to the document you want to change, then Create Amendment (Figure 1, Indicator 4) on the drop-down menu.

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