FAQ: Does Camelback Resort Check Bags?

What should I bring to Camelback Resort?

What to Wear at Aquatopia + Camelback Lodge

  • Swim Cover-up: If you’re not heading off to a ride, you’ll be much more comfortable walking around in a swim cover up.
  • Athletic Bathing Suit: No skimpy, string bikinis here.
  • Flip-Flops: This is obvious.
  • Swim Shoes: If you get skeeved out easily, water shoes are the way to go.

What time is check-in at Camelback Resort?

Check-In: Begins at 4:00PM, or earlier if your room becomes available. If you arrive early, feel free to enjoy all of our activities and attractions. You can access Aquatopia as early as 12:30PM; lockers and changing rooms are available. Check-Out: Check-out is at 11:00AM.

Is Camelbeach included with stay?

Plus Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark is always included with every stay. Yes, Camelback Lodge is an advance deposit hotel.

Can you wear water shoes at Camelback Resort?

Children must use diaper covers while enjoying the waterpark attractions. Also, you and your family will probably be most comfortable if you wear water shoes or flip-flops. Cubbies are conveniently located throughout the amusement park to store footwear while you enjoy the water rides.

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How much does it cost to stay at Camelback Resort?

You’ll be asked to pay the following charges at check-in or check-out: Resort fee: USD 42.39 per accommodation, per night.

Are helmets required at Camelback?

Camelback Mountain Safety Wearing a helmet is essential to personal safety, and kids should be properly taught the rules of both the mountain and the lifts. Camelback encourages all skiers and snowboarders to enjoy our Pennsylvania ski area but to do so in a manner that prevents injury to yourself and others.

Does Camelback have an indoor pool?

Indoor Waterpark Make waves at our water slides, rides, and swim-up bars galore.

How much are tickets to Camelbeach?

General admission ranges from $34.00 – $44.00. Twilight admission costs between $25.00 and $30.00. Bonus Night packages are priced at $44.00 – $54.00. Four4Fun (a package of 4 general admission tickets) costs $135.00.

Can you bring food to Camelbeach?

Camelbeach allows guests to bring (1) unopened 20 oz. bottle of water per guest into waterpark. No outside food or snacks are allowed inside the waterpark. Camelbeach offers a shaded picnic area with over 200 tables so that guests can bring personal food.

Are Camelback tickets refundable?

All Camelback lift tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

How much is a water park pass at Kalahari?

Waterpark admission begins at $69 depending on date(s) selected. Best pricing is available when admission passes are purchased online. Both all day and evening passes are available. Peak time & Weekend day passes are limited and strongly encouraged to be purchased online prior to arrival as availability is limited.

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Does Camelback Beach provide towels?

Are towels provided at the waterpark or do I have to bring my own? Towels are provided at Aquatopia indoor waterpark for you to use. Aquatopia and Camelbeach reserves the right to close slides and attractions throughout the day due to weather, staffing, and the safety and security of our guests and employees.

Is Kalahari bigger than Camelback?

If you want more of a vacation/getaway feel, go to Camelback. Kalahari has the superior, larger waterpark. After the expansion, Kalahari’s waterpark is much bigger than Aquatopia. Lots of slides and rides for the older kids/adults.

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