FAQ: Does Atlantis Resort Offer Shuttle Service From Airport?

How do you get from the airport to Atlantis?

The best way to get from Nassau Airport (NAS) to Atlantis Paradise Island without a car is to taxi which takes 15 min and costs $60 – $75. How long does it take to get from Nassau Airport (NAS) to Atlantis Paradise Island? It takes approximately 15 min to drive 14.5 km from Nassau Airport (NAS) to Nassau.

How much does it cost to get from Nassau Airport to Atlantis?

The base cab fare from Nassau International Airport to Harborside at Atlantis on Paradise Island is $38 for the first two passengers, $4 for each additional passenger, $2 for the Paradise Island Bridge toll, and $2 for each extra bag. Plus tip, of course.

How do you get to Atlantis Bahamas?

Getting There To get to Atlantis, fly into Nassau International Airport, then take a taxi across the bridge connecting the island of New Providence with Paradise Island. Airport transfers also can be arranged through the resort when you book a room.

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Is Dolphin Cay free for Atlantis guests?

Exit the Spa and pass the fitness center to Dolphin Cay. er is complimentary to all Atlantis guests; they do not need to purchase an interaction to Atlantis guests can proceeds from purchases benefits the Kerzner marine Foundation.

Is staying at Atlantis worth it?

Not worth an entire stay at Atlantis. One positive thing I will say about my review of Atlantis is that beaches are amazing. We went to several beaches, both public and resort, while in the Bahamas and the Cove beach was particularly the best. The kids actually preferred this beach over any pool at Atlantis.

Are drinks free at the Atlantis Casino?

Free Drinks!! The moment you sit down to gamble, a waiter will make his/her way over to you and ask what you would like to drink.

Can you bring your own alcohol to Atlantis Bahamas?

7. Bring Your Own Alcohol. You can bring alcohol from home or purchase some in the Bahamas; there’s a rum shop and an island grocery store in a shopping center near the harbor village.

Can you go to Atlantis Bahamas without staying there?

Travelers not staying at the all-inclusive Atlantis resorts can still visit the Aquaventure water parks in Dubai and the Bahamas with a day pass. However, guests in the Bahamas must be a guest of a partner hotel to buy a ticket.

Do you tip in Bahamas?

Tipping at bars in the Bahamas is a common practice and it is standard practice to leave the bartender at least 10-15% or $1-$2 per round of drinks. Tipping in hotels in the Bahamas is customary and a general guideline to follow would be leaving your bell boy $1 per bag and tipping your housekeeping $2 per day.

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Are taxis expensive in Bahamas?

Taxi fares can be very expensive, especially during the high season. Taxis to Paradise Island will take you across the bridge from Nassau. They shouldn’t cost more than $5 per person. Rides are about 5 to10 minutes depending on Bay Street traffic.

Does Nassau have Uber?

( Rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft are not available in the Bahamas.) The islands’ biggest airports are Nassau’s Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA), Grand Bahama International Airport (FPO) and Exuma International Airport (GGT).

Has anyone died at Atlantis Bahamas?

THE five-year-old Canadian girl who was involved in an accident at the Atlantis resort water park has died. In August 2000, a 12-year-old boy died after he was sucked into a drain while snorkeling with his brother in the resort’s lagoon.

How much is it a night at the Atlantis Hotel in Bahamas?

Room rates begin at $211.10 per night. The Beach: You can find the most affordable rooms at Atlantis at The Beach, which is a major bonus for families traveling on a budget—but most of the rooms face the garden, not the beach, so just keep that in mind when making your reservation.

What should I wear to Atlantis Bahamas?

Packing Basics:

  • Shorts.
  • Shirts.
  • Bathing suits (I pack at least 2)
  • Underwear and bras.
  • Dress/ Dinner attire (Most the Atlantis restaurants were very casual but a few have specific dress codes.)
  • Shoes and socks.
  • Workout attire if needed.
  • Hat.

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