FAQ: De Gray Lake Resort?

Is DeGray Lake open?

7 a.m. – 9 p.m.

What city is DeGray Lake in?

DeGray Lake is located on State Scenic 7 Byway eight miles north of Arkadelphia (Exit 78 off I-30 at Caddo Valley/Arkadelphia) and 29 miles southwest of Hot Springs, Arkansas’s leading tourist destination and home to Hot Springs National Park and many other attractions.

Can you camp on islands on Lake DeGray?

With numerous islands and 207 miles of mostly remote shoreline, DeGray Lake offers a boater’s paradise. DeGray Lake also have several campgrounds, great fishing, hunting, and hiking.

What county is Lake DeGray in?

DeGray Dam, located about eight miles northwest of Arkadelphia ( Clark County ), impounds the 13,400-acre DeGray Lake on the Caddo River.

Can you swim in lake DeGray?

A favorite of park guests and locals alike is the sand beach of DeGray Lake Resort State Park located at the Caddo Bend day use area. The sand beach is perfect for family outings. There is a designated swimming area off limits to personal watercraft and boats.

How clean is lake DeGray?

DeGray Lake ranked as one of cleanest lakes in the nation consists of 13,400 acres of extremely clear water. With numerous islands and 207 miles of mostly remote shoreline, DeGray Lake offers a boater’s paradise. 17 five lane boat ramps provide for easy access and safety.

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Is Lake DeGray a man made lake?

Dam construction DeGray lake and dam were authorized by Congress in the River and Harbor Act of 1950. DeGray dam impounds the waters of the Caddo River to form a flood control lake that covers 13,400 acres (5,400 ha), and a shoreline of 207 mi (333 km).

What lakes are closed in Arkansas?

Those include:

  • Panther Bay, Lake Borfork in Baxter County.
  • Oakland Beach, Bull Shoals Lake in Marion County.
  • Piney Bay, Lake Dardanelle in Johnson County.
  • Shoal Bay, Lake Dardanelle in Logan County.
  • Spring Lake in Yell County.
  • Lake Leatherwood in Eureka Springs.
  • Shores Lake in Franklin County.
  • Shouse Ford, Degray Lake.

How long is degray Lake?

SB118 Oakland – Marion Co. SB260 Lake Ouachita State Park Beach-“Lake Ouachita St. Park -Spring Beach nearby is open”- Garland Co. SB264 Cortez Beach – Hot Springs Village.

What state is Bull Shoals Lake in?

Bull Shoals Lake, Arkansas’s largest lake with 45,440 acres of water and a 1,000-mile shoreline, stretches along Arkansas’s northern border and into southern Missouri.

How deep is lake Catherine in Arkansas?

Situated on the lakeshore is Lake Catherine State Park. Though 11 miles long, the lake covers a mere 1,940 acres, nestled in narrow valleys of the Ouachita Mountains. “This is a much shallower lake than the other two previous lakes above it. There is water in excess of 300 feet deep in Lake Ouachita.

How deep is Lake Ouachita Arkansas?

61 m

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