FAQ: Can You Drive To Kingfisher Bay Resort?

Can you take your car to Kingfisher Bay Resort?

A: You don’t need to bring your own vehicle, as we have guided 4WD tours that depart the resort daily, exploring the island’s most iconic sights.

Can you park at Kingfisher Bay Resort?

Car parking is available in the secure lot at Kingfisher Bay Mainland Reception, for those not taking a vehicle across to Fraser Island. $20 each night after that. Please note: There is limited availability, so booking in advance is recommended.

Is there phone reception at Kingfisher Bay Resort?

Kingfisher Bay Resort Mobile Coverage Kingfisher Bay Resort is a popular resort located on the western side of Fraser Island. Because of its location, guests are able to get some reception at the resort.

Can you take alcohol into Kingfisher Bay?

It is the most northern store on the island. Kingfisher Resort: The large resort is the only place on the western side of the island where you can purchase alcohol. You can do this at a bottle shop or one of its bars if you just want a drink, or two!

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Do I need a car on Fraser Island?

Yes you will need to do the Beauty Spots tour from Kingfisher (a 1 day tour) or else hire a 4wd to explore yourself. (Please note 4wd vehicles hired from major rental car companies are not permitted to be driven on the island – you will need to hire a vehicle specifically prepared for Fraser Island).

How long does the ferry take from Hervey Bay to Fraser Island?

The Fraser Venture departs River Heads (20 minutes south of Hervey Bay) daily, landing at Wanggoolba Creek on the western side of Fraser Island. Crossing time taking approximately 30 minutes.

Can you take food to Fraser Island?

Fraser island is not a luxury Hamilton Island Basic items like bread and milk are available as well as snacks and ice creams. Staple items such as tea, coffee, sugar and some canned foods can be found on shelves, however please check used by dates. Dining outside of the Resorts is take-away only.

Is there phone signal on Fraser Island?

As one of the most remote travel destinations in Australia, K’gari (Fraser Island) has intermittent mobile phone coverage and the weak signal will often disappear completely during high wind or periods of bad weather. You may also like to bring a satellite phone with you in case of an emergency.

Is there phone reception at Orchid Beach?

Telstra has coverage at Orchid Beach. There is virtually no Optus coverage on the east coast of the island.

Is there any service on Fraser Island?

Fraser Island is a remote natural paradise that remains largely uninhabited and undeveloped – a huge drawcard for many who visit the island. As is the nature of such a destination, there are minimal public services and facilities available and mobile phone coverage is intermittent at best.

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Can you take alcohol on Fraser Island?

Depending on your tour, there may not be the opportunity to purchase alcohol on the island itself, so make sure you have to with you when you depart for the tour. Only some tours have this option, so make sure you’re aware if BYO is allowed. Please note: some tours may not permit glass bottles.

When did Kingfisher Bay Resort Open?

Two cyclones in 1991 did thousands of dollars’ worth of water damage, but construction was completed on time and on budget and the resort opened its doors to guests on 16 July 1992.

Can you walk to Lake McKenzie?

The Lake McKenzie walk is on K’gari (Fraser Island), 15km off the coast of Hervey Bay and about 300km north of Brisbane. The walk links the Kingfisher Bay barge landing to Lake McKenzie on the Fraser Island Great Walk. From the barge landing follow the jetty road to the resort roundabout and turn right.

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