FAQ: Can The Summoner Show Up In The Aether Resort?

What is the point of Aether resort?

Overview. Aether is a side feature of Aether Raids which allows players create a facility that allows Heroes to enjoy. Players are allowed to freely choose to allow random units to appear each time they enter the resort or select the units that appear.

How do you get a Summoner in Fire Emblem heroes?

Fire Emblem Heroes They are summoned to the World of Zenith by Commander Anna of the Order of Heroes. The Summoner is able to summon characters from the Fire Emblem series using the divine weapon Breidablik to help them on their attempt to stop Embla’s invasion.

How do I change my Feh Summoner appearance?

In Allies → Interact with Allies → My Summoner, you can change the name of your summoner and the greeting displayed to friends. Tap the icons to edit text.

How do I get to the Aether resort?

Aether Resort is a non-combat game mode introduced in Version 3.4. 0 where the Heroes belonging to the player or their friends can interact with each other. It can be accessed from the Aether Keep menu.

Is Feh canon?

Not exactly — since it’s a multiverse, you’re drawing from alternate versions of the games too. THEORETICALLY the games you play are ones where the heroes were never taken to help fight in Askr, or they’re taken after the games finish.

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Where can I use my Summoner Feh?

With the Copy Skills feature, the Summoner can take any skill from any unit currently within their barracks (that matches their weapon and movement type, of course). You can even copy skills from combat manuals! Copy Skills is available within the My Summoner customization tab.

Who is Kiran in Fire Emblem?

Kiran is a protagonist in Fire Emblem Heroes. Similar to Mark from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, Kiran is a silent character who is an Avatar, representing the player in-game and is thus responsible for the army’s strategy.

How do I increase my Summoner support?

When your chosen Hero battles foes level 35 or higher, your bond will grow stronger. Pair up)). Taking part in multiple combats in the same map does not increase the support rank faster. To reach higher support ranks, an increasingly larger amount of maps need to be completed.

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