FAQ: Can Anyone Stay At A Disney Vacation Club Resort?

Can non DVC members stay at Old Key West?

Disney’s Old Key West Resort (OKW) is a Disney Vacation Club Resort with villa style accommodations. It’s themed after Key West, Florida with a tropical, laid back feel. Wait – I am not a DVC Member. Anyone can stay at a DVC Resort or in a DVC Villa Room as long as there is space available.

When can non DVC members book villas?

If you want to book a deluxe villa at a Disney Vacation Club property, the general rule of thumb is you can book 11 months before your vacation. You would call the regular Disney Resort Reservations phone number, which is 407-939-1936.

Can anyone stay at Disney Riviera resort?

Anyone can stay at a DVC Resort or in a DVC Villa Room as long as there is space available. You can book it like any other Disney hotel room — either on Disney’s website, calling Disney’s Reservation Line, or with a travel agent. What are the advantages to staying at Riviera Resort? Location, location, location!

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Can you negotiate Disney Vacation Club?

Disney does not negotiate pricing. They do offer incentives if you buy direct but only at specific resorts – those they are actively marketing.

Which bus stop is first at Old Key West?

Guests who wish to be on the main road should ask for Peninsular Road, which is generally the first bus stop at Old Key West. Those with a car should try to avoid building 20 on Miller’s Road and building 55 on South Point Road.

How does Disney’s Vacation Club work?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Receive a yearly allotment of Vacation Points — based on the size of the real estate interest you purchase.
  2. Use your Vacation Points to book vacation accommodations.
  3. Enjoy the freedom to choose when, where and how often you vacation — with no blockout dates at Disney Vacation Club Resorts*

Do you have to be a DVC member to stay at the Riviera?

Riviera is actually a Disney Vacation Club property, which is Mickey’s version of a timeshare. But you don’ t have to own a timeshare to stay here or use DVC points. You can rent Disney Vacation Club points from a service such as David’s Vacation Club Rentals at a flat rate per point.

How far in advance can you book DVC?

Your booking window gives you the ability to make reservations up to 11 months in advance of your Check-In date at your Home Resort, and 7 months in advance of your Check-In date at all other Disney Vacation Club Resorts.

How far in advance can you book Disney hotels online?

You can book a room-only Disney world hotel reservation up to 499 days ahead of time.

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Can you see fireworks from Disney Riviera resort?

Riviera Resort Riviera Resort’s proximity to Epcot offers a truly phenomenal viewing location. Topolino’s Terrace, located on the top floor of Riviera Resort, offers a rooftop viewing area with a magnificent view of Epcot firework show. Many of Riveria’s resort rooms also offer stunning views of Epcot’s fireworks.

Why is Disney’s Riviera resort so expensive?

This is because it behooves Disney to pass along as much of those costs as possible to DVC. When you consider both maintenance fees and the upfront cost, Disney’s Riviera Resort has the most expensive per point cost over the life of the contract of any Disney Vacation Club resort at Walt Disney World.

Will Disney Skyliner be free?

The best part about the Disney Skyliner Gondolas is that they are 100% FREE to ride. Just like the Monorails or the buses, you can get on the Disney Skyliner without paying anything. There are no tickets required for the Disney Gondolas either, just walk up to the station, get in line and get in.

Does Disney Vacation Club include tickets?

Currently Disney Vacation Club doesn’t offer any ticket discounts for Walt Disney World so Park Savers is a great option. DVC Annual Passes can be purchase through Disney Vacation Club for both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

How long is Disney Vacation Club Good For?

Typically, DVC sets expiration dates 50 years from the construction date of a building. It is important to note, however, that Old Key West contracts may have an expiration date of 2042 or 2057.

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What are the benefits of the Disney Vacation Club?

Top 10 Disney Vacation Club Member Perks

  • Annual Pass Discounts. The key Membership Extra is the Annual Pass discount at Walt Disney World.
  • Ticket Discounts.
  • Moonlight Magic Special Events.
  • Free Laundry.
  • Pool Hopping.
  • Restaurant & Shopping Discounts.
  • Room Discounts.
  • Tour & Event Discounts.

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