FAQ: Are There Irons In Art Of Animation Resort?

Does art of animation have an iron?

No worries! You should find everything you need for a comfortable stay at Art of Animation without packing a hair dryer or travel iron. (More room for Mickey souvenirs!) The standard Little Mermaid rooms come with a mini refrigerator, iron, ironing board, hair dryer and safe.

Does art of animation rooms have hair dryers?

You can leave your blow dryer at home — all rooms and suites at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort come equipped with hair dryers. You’ll also find an iron and ironing board, small refrigerator, and in-room safe. If you are staying in a Family Suite, the kitchenette area will have a microwave and a coffeemaker.

What amenities does art of animation have?

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Amenities

  • Poolside Outdoor Movies.
  • The Big Blue – 11,859 square foot feature pool.
  • The Schoolyard Sprayground wet play Area in the Finding Nemo courtyard.
  • The Boneyard playground in the Lion King courtyard.
  • Squirt’s Righteous Reef Playground in the Finding Nemo Courtyard.
  • Pixel Play Arcade.
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Does art of animation have a arcade?

Catch up on video games both classic and new at this arcade located in the Animation Hall building. Learn more about arcades at Walt Disney World Resort.

Do Art of Animation rooms have 2 bathrooms?

Family suites Art of Animation have two bathrooms. One is small and functional, nearly identical to the bathrooms in the standard rooms.

How long does it take to get to Magic Kingdom from Art of Animation?

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is between six and seven miles from the Magic Kingdom. In my experience, the bus ride between these two locations takes approximately twenty minutes.

Do the Little Mermaid rooms at Art of Animation have refrigerators?

Disney’s Art of Animation is such a great resort. The Little Mermaid Rooms at this resort are standard rooms. While the room will have a mini-fridge, it will not have a microwave. You are welcome to use the microwave ovens in the food court if needed (about a 5-10 minute walk from the Little Mermaid rooms).

Can you walk from art of animation to Hollywood studios?

Unfortunately you cannot walk from Disney’s Art of Animation Resort to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The easiest way is to take a bus from your resort which will take approximately 15 minutes.

How big are the Little Mermaid rooms at Art of Animation?

The floor plan is identical, although it comes it a bit larger at 277 square feet. The biggest difference here is the room decor. Art of Animation Little Mermaid rooms are themed story rooms that will immerse your kids into Arial’s undersea world. All of the Little Mermaid rooms offer 2 Double Beds or 1 King Bed.

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Can you see fireworks from Art of Animation?

The Art of Animation Resort is Disney’s newest resort offering guests family suites or typical resort rooms. The location is not far from both Epcot and Hollywood Studios making it convenient in many ways. You can see the tops of some fireworks at both Epcot and Hollywood Studios but your views will be minimal.

Can you walk around art of animation?

You can walk around, eat at the restaurants (Deluxe and Moderate Resorts have Table Service Restaurants) and food courts. It’s fun to meet up with friends from all over, if they are visiting Disney World the same time as you at one of the Resorts.

What Disney park is closest to art of animation?

The closest theme park to Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is Disney’s Hollywood Studios, though Epcot is nearby too. With the addition of Disney’s Skyliner gondola transportation system, Art of Animation is connected to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot in a whole new way.

Why is Art of Animation closed?

For the past few months, The Big Blue Pool at Art of Animation was undergoing a refurbishment where the entire pool had to be drained, meaning that it was not available to Guests for a quick dip. The pool, which closed on January 11 was predicted to stay closed through to early April.

Does Art of Animation have a water slide?

As a Value Resort, Disney’s new Art of Animation Resort offers a variety of heavily-themed pools, including playgrounds and splash pads for the little ones. While pool games and dance parties abound, none of the Value Resorts has a water slide.

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Why is Disney Art of Animation resort closed?

The Big Blue Pool at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is currently closed for refurbishment. We stopped by the resort today to see how work was progressing on the project since our last visit. The pool remains completely drained as workers continue to refurbish and clean the interior.

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