Can You Work Part Time At A Ski Resort?

Is it hard to work at a ski resort?

There are a lot of downsides that can make the work impossible. Even if the desire is there, some negatives simply can’t be surmounted when it comes to the working conditions. That being said, ski resort jobs can be as close to a paid vacation as some people get.

Can I work in a ski resort?

There are many companies who recruit staff to work in ski resorts. As we said above, some also run short courses at a cost so that young people looking to work as a chalet host can qualify in catering skills. This is a requirement for some companies.

Can you work at a ski resort year round?

Options & variety. Most ski resort positions are seasonal. Linking winter resort work with summer-season employment for a rafting or adventure outfitter, on a guest ranch, at a summer camp, in a National Park, or at one of the many other summer seasonal employers can create consistent employment.

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How much do you get paid to work at a ski resort?

It pays minimum wage, which generally ranges from $11-12 per hour. Many resorts supply their “lifties” with passes for their off days. You will also deal with frustration, though, as you dust off the chair for all those people having the best powder day of the season while you work.

What is the best job at a ski resort?

Best Jobs in the Ski Industry

  • Ski or Snowboard Shop Sales Person.
  • Rentals or Ski and Snowboard Technician.
  • Snow Groomer or Cat Driver.
  • Snow Park Builder.
  • Chalet Host.
  • Chefs, Bar & Kitchen Staff.
  • Ski Lift Operative.
  • Snowsports Journalist, Events Specialist or Marketing Person.

What is the best ski resort to work at?

These are some of the best ski resorts to work at:

  • Eaglecrest Ski Area – Alaska.
  • Whistler Blackcomb – British Columbia.
  • Kirkwood Mountain Resort – California.
  • Squaw Valley-Alpine Meadows – California.
  • Aspen Skiing Company – Colorado.
  • Copper Mountain – Colorado.
  • Telluride Ski Resort – Colorado.
  • Vail Resorts – Colorado.

Do you get paid for a ski season?

1) You’ll Never Have Any Money Ski resort jobs pay a pittance (unless it’s Switzerland). Even though you usually get your ski pass, accommodation and even food thrown in, any money you earn goes on beer, shots and replacement goggles / gloves / mobile left somewhere in one of the bars or in a snowdrift last night.

How long is a ski season job?

FULL SEASON JOBS ( 3-6 months ) Most ski holiday companies will look to employ seasonal staff for a full 5-6 month season (Nov/December to April) but there are a limited number of opportunities for mid-season relief staff from January onwards for durations of 1-4 months.

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Why do I want to work at a ski resort?

“You’ll do well if you keep a very open attitude and are prepared to work hard. Don’t expect to get rich but do expect to have a lot of fun. You’ll have the time of your life.” Working at a ski resort is perfect for those who love to ski, who enjoy meeting people, and are looking for adventure.

Is working at a resort fun?

Working at a resort is so exhausting that most workers do not keep the job for more than a year, particularly in entertainment. I was almost always saying goodbye to a team member, and training someone new, even though I myself was only there for a few months.

How do I get a job in the ski industry?

How to get a job in the ski industry

  1. Beg to work for free as an intern or get a low level job anywhere relating to skiing – mountain, ski shop, product company, media, etc.
  2. You’ll then have opportunities to meet people from other areas of the industry like sales reps, and managers of related companies etc.

Where do ski resort workers live?

Every ski town does their best, but it’s usually a resort employee that lives in a van and showers at their Tinder date’s house.

Whats it like working at Thredbo?

Thredbo is a perfect sized resort to work at. Big enough that you will never get bored but small enough that the staff in each department become life long friends. There are parties throughout the season in the village or down in Jindabyne.

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Where is it snowing in Australia?

There are plenty of places to enjoy snow in Australia – some of the major destinations include the peaks of the Australian Alps like Perisher, Thredbo, Charlotte Pass, Mt Hotham, Falls Creek, Mt Buller, Selwyn, and Mt Baw Baw.

Will Falls Creek Open?

We are open It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – Falls Creek is OPEN! With six lifts spinning on the back of the biggest snowmaking lead we’ve ever seen and a generous top up from mother nature, we are ready to slide into the 2021 season!

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